The promise


Every year hundreds of women fall into the nets of recruiters who traffic in human beings, forcing them into a life of sexual and work slavery. This is the story of Ana, Frida and Seleni, three young women deceived by the promise of a dream life. Innocent and vulnerable, with the firm conviction that despite the adverse conditions in which they live, they can achieve a better future. They are tricked and used to enter a prostitution network from which it is impossible for them to escape. They become friends by force when they find themselves on this road of no return. Unknowingly Ana, Frida and Seleni have acquired a debt impossible to pay and death threats against their families, so they have only two paths to take, live as enslaved prostitutes or risk their lives in search of freedom. These three women and a group of companions will be transported from Colombia and Mexico to Spain, the final destination for the human merchandise of the Colombian human trafficking gang where an alien world awaits their services.

In the midst of their struggle to escape the abyss, Ana, Frida and Seleni will try to find in love, the key to escape from the degradation and torture they have lived, and with them, the audience will follow the path that makes them stronger or that will end up destroying them. ‘The Promise’ is a series, that with realism and brutality, exposes the real trauma that thousands of people live in the midst of a multi-million dollar business, and shows how these trafficking networks operate, the mistreatment of those who suffer it, and the drama of the families who try, at all costs, to find and rescue them.

  • Episodes: 60
  • Genre: Drama
  • Producer: CMO Producciones
  • Plataform: Caracol Tv
  • Executive producer: Ana Piñeres.
  • Writers and scriptwriters: Irma Correa, Margarita Londoño, Catalina Palomino, Paul Rodríguez.
  • Directors: Klych López, Liliana Bocanegra.
  • Awards: Shift Award 2013 Best Series, TV Addict Golden Awards 2012 Best Social Series and Best Location, India Catalina Award 2014 Best Cinematography, Best Supporting Actor TV and Novelas Award 2013, Best National Production for Foreign Countries.