Irma Correa

about Irma

Irma Correa is a screenwriter, playwright and actress. She has a degree in law, journalism, playwriting and acting.

Irma trained at RESAD, at the Juan Carlos Corazza Studio, at the Mar Navarro School and at LAMDA (London School of Music and Dramatic Arts). Some of her teachers include Juan Mayorga, Suzanne Lebeau, Luis Landero, Enzo Corman, Augusto Fernandes, Manuel Morón or Catalina Lladó.

She has received several national and international awards.

As a screenwriter, ‘The Promise‘ received the 2013 Shift Award for Best Series, the 2012 TV Addict Golden Award for Best Social Series and Best Location, the 2013 TV and Novelas Award for Best National Production for Foreign Countries, and the 2014 India Catalina Award for Best Cinematography and Best Supporting Actor.

In 2021, ‘Alba’, the Spanish version of the successful Turkish series ‘Fatmagül‘, premiered on Antena 3 AtresMedia, produced by Boomerang TV for AtresMedia. In 2022 ‘If only‘ premiered on Netflix, a series produced by Boomerang TV for Netflix .

As a playwright, she has been nominated for the 2020 Helen Hayes Award for Best Play for ‘The Old Man, the Young Man and the Sea‘, has been nominated for the 2019 Max Award for Best Playwriting for ‘Ana (oblivion will take us too)‘, won the Replica Award for Best Show 2019 for ‘Ana (oblivion will take us too)‘ and in 2009 for ‘The Unihabited Seas’. She has also won the 2008 Max Award for Best New Show for ‘From the Invisible‘. Irma has received the II SGAE Dramatic Writing Scholarship directed by Alfredo Sanzol.

Her works have been premiered in theatres such as the Centro Dramático Nacional, Teatro Español, Teatros del Canal, Teatro Cuyás, Teatro Pérez Galdós, The Gala Theatre in Washington D.C. and the Neumünster Abbey in Luxembourg.

As an actress she has worked in ‘The Heart of the Ocean‘ by Globomedia for Antena 3, ‘The Promise‘ by CMO Producciones for Caracol TV, ‘Plan America‘ for TVE and ‘The Escort‘ by Teleset for Sony Entertainment. In theatre Irma has worked under the direction of Ferrán Madico in ‘Electra‘, Tamzin Townsend in ‘Don Juan Tenorio‘, Juan Ceacero in ‘Moon River (in a foreign land)‘ and Gadea Reis in ‘Medea‘.

She has directed ‘Speaking (last breath)‘ and ‘Penguins‘ at Casa Ensamble, Bogotá, Colombia, and has taught writing and acting in different schools and various workshops.

Irma is a member of the Editorial Board of Primer Acto Magazine.