Moon River (in a foreign land)


‘Moon river (in a foreign land)’ is a work that explores the emotional consequences of emigration. The story of a journey that begins in two different places in the world: a small town on the island of Taiwan and another small town on the island of Gran Canaria. Two islanders on a voyage made up of scraps from here and there, train stations, airports, rooms that are assembled and disassembled, languages that are learned, crossed, mixed, forgotten and returned, passports, identity cards, permits. The penultimate station of a journey that never seems to end, and in all of them the memory of a lost love. Whoever stopped being a foreigner? Is not heartbreak the cruellest form of alienation?

The show features traditional Hakka songs, couplets, isas and music from the golden Hollywood era. The title itself refers to the cross between Concha Piquer’s couplet ‘In a Foreign Land’ and the mythical song from ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. The text has been created from the actresses’ own experiences as emigrants.

  • Directed by: Juan Ceacero
  • Dramaturgy: Irma Correa (sobre textos de Huichi Chiu e Irma Correa)
  • Performers: Huichi Chiu, Irma Correa
  • Assistant Director: Ivana Heredia
  • Costumes: Paola de Diego
  • Premiere: 2017. Abadía de Neumünster. Luxemburgo