The flying donkey


Valentina escapes from the orphanage on her birthday to go in search of her most desired gift: she longs to have parents. Valentina wants to be part of a family; she wants to be a normal child. On her escape she takes with her something she will never part with: ‘The Big Book of the Why of All Things’. The Big Book explains, how mountains are formed or why rain is sometimes water and sometimes ice; but there are many other things Valentina wants to know…

Leo, her good friend, escapes with her as he doesn’t want to be left alone in the orphanage.
After asking the moon for Valentina’s wish, they fall asleep on a large rock in the forest. But something awakens them from their slumber. It’s a rock, a rock that moves!? No, it’s not a rock. It’s a donkey! A donkey? A talking donkey!
“Hello, my name is Platero. I’m small, hairy and soft; so soft on the outside that you’d say I’m all cotton and that I have no bones. But I do have bones, and I can fly”!

Valentina, Leo and Platero then begin an adventure that will lead them to learning the secrets of Heaven, Earth and the Sea, whilst Mr. Ruipérez and his assistant Sancho tirelessly pursue them to return them back to the orphanage.
In this journey, the protagonists will realize that not everything is what it seems. That dreams are so powerful, if we really believe in them, they can certainly come true.

  • Directed by: Quino Falero
  • Text: Irma Correa
  • Performers: Rosa Escrig, Octavio García, Luis Rodríguez, Iriome del Toro, Maykol Hernández.
  • Stage design: Clapso y Xhoxb
  • Costumes: Unai Tellería y Antonio Ceballos
  • Light design: José Fernández
  • Music and soundscape: Germán G.Arias
  • Premiere: 2013. Teatro Cuyás. Las Palmas de G.C.