Friday is a 10-year-old Nigerian boy who wants to be like Messi. He practices with his rag ball while he helps his uncle collect peanuts and wood. He wants to save money to buy a regulation ball. Until one day his uncle sells him and his brother into slavery on a plantation. They will then begin a flight to Europe, the promised land, dodging all sorts of dangers, human trafficking, the dark nights. Friday will end up hiding in the wheelhouse of an oil tanker along with two other stowaways, sharing their desire to reach the land of the free. But the kilometres that separate the African coasts from the Entellada lighthouse, on the island of Fuerteventura, will become walls of water, which will make the glow of the lighthouse become a mirage, perhaps an unreality. An atrociously unattainable unreality.

  • Directed by: Carlos Alonso Callero
  • Text: Irma Correa
  • Performers: Natalia Braceli, Juanma Navas, Marta Gómez.
  • Dramatized reading: 2011. Palacio de Longoria. Madrid.
  • Awards: Premio SGAE de Teatro 2010
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