The Nocturnes


Shortly after the separation of Frederic Chopin and George Sand, Chopin falls terminally ill. George, aware of the imminent end, goes to the composer’s house to say goodbye, but his sister does not allow her to see him. This is the starting point of the Nocturnes: the words not said, the embraces not given, the lost glances, the non-farewell of a love sustained over time. ‘The Nocturnes’ alludes not only to the composer’s sublime pieces, but also to his life together with the French writer, spending endless nights awake composing music that would become eternal. As Joaquín Achúcarro said: “Bach speaks to the universe, Beethoven to humanity, and Chopin to each one of us”. When we listen to Chopin’s Nocturnes there is something of an inner movement, of a caress, of a hopeful embrace. It is a direct contact with the soul, the Nocturnes are not only music, they are poetry.

  • Text: Irma Correa
  • Directed by: Magüi Mira
  • Performers: Marta Etura, Jorge Bedoya
  • Lighting design: Jose Manuel Guerra
  • Stage design: Estudiodedos: Curt Allen y Leticia Gañán
  • Customes design: Helena Sanchís
  • Sound design: Jorge Muñoz
  • Movement: Mónica Runde
  • Music: Frederic Chopin
  • Piano and original compositions: Jorge Bedoya
  • Assistant director: Jorge Muñoz
  • Production: Bitó y Teatro Español