Alba, in Netflix ‘World Top’

Alba, in Netflix ‘World Top’

After its double stint, first on Atresplayer Premium and then on Antena 3, the Spanish series has placed itself in the ‘World Top’ on Netflix.

For some time now we have seen how Spanish fiction has managed to place itself among the most popular productions on Netflix, with outstanding examples such as ‘The Money Heist‘ or ‘Élite‘.

However, on this occasion the production that has just gained recognition on Netflix is ‘Alba’. A series belonging to Atresmedia, where after passing through the company’s streaming service, it has finally landed in the Netflix catalogue, positioning itself as the most watched non-English speaking series worldwide with more than 100 million reproductions.

‘Alba’ is a version of the Turkish series ‘Fatmagül’, coordinated by Carlos Martín and Ignasi Rubio and written by Irma Correa, Susana López Rubio, Javier Holgado and Carlos Vila. It was directed by Pablo Guerrero, Carlota Martínez-Pereda and Humberto Miró.

‘Alba’ tells the story of a multiple rape victim who fights for justice whilst encountering numerous obstacles and misrepresentations that inevitably will make her life fall apart. It stars Elena Rivera, Eric Masip, Álvaro Rico, Pol Hermoso, Jason Fernández, Adriana Ozores, Ana Wagener and Miquel García.

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