Last Breath


Two women locked in an apartment.

There is a window from which the sunset enters, a room forgotten by time and a phone that keeps ringing, insistent, like a hammer. Danger lurks behind the door, footsteps, noises, and the presence of a man who is about to arrive…

And a challenge: “Give me a reason to kill you.”

‘Last breath’ is the story of a kidnapping and the struggle of two women to defend their dignity. A struggle to find the integrity, to rediscover themselves; a search for the courage to be permissive with their miseries and how to find in their battered heart a last cry for freedom.

Last Breath
  • Directed by: Ainhoa Amestoy
  • Text: Irma Correa
  • Performers: Lidia Navarro, Muriel Sánchez.
  • Scenography and costumes: Elisa Sanz
  • Lighting design: Marta Graña
  • Music and soundscape: Nacho Valcárcel, David Velasco.
  • Premiere: 2017. Centro Dramático Nacional. Madrid.
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