From the invisible


‘From the Invisible’ is a collage of scenes revolving around the world of the intellectually and physically challenged. A pregnant woman who faces the doubt of whether or not her child will be born disabled, a girl who does not accept that her pool day has been cancelled, another who goes to the office on her first day of work, a sister who talks to her mother about a future without ties. Disabled boys and girls, families, neighbours, acquaintances, monitors, strangers. All will show us the truth of a reality far removed from most of us. Laughter, emotion, humanity and poetry flows dynamically in a theatrical experience that will take the viewer as accomplice, observer, protagonist and interlocutor of lives full of coherence. Lives that deserve to be told. Lives that deserve to be lived.

  • Dirección: Rolando San Martín
  • Dramaturgia: Irma Correa, Rubén Tejerina
  • Creación: Victoria Teijeiro, Isabel Rodes, Rolando Sanmartin, Irma Correa, Rubén Tejerina, Jose Manuel Pizarro.
  • Intérpretes: Victoria Teijeiro, Isabel Rodes.
  • Escenografía: Ikerne Giménez
  • Vestuario: Alicia de Miguel
  • Música: Jose Manuel Pizarro
  • Iluminación: Rosana García
  • Videoescena: Raúl Arias, Alberto Zuya, Germán Michelena, Josito Hernández.
  • Premios: Premio Max 2008 Espectáculo Revelación