Federico hacia Lorca


The thirty-eight years of Federico García Lorca are crossed by life and death. Bubbles of both, pass through his life and make him breathe light and blood, flesh and love. We imagine a text inhabited by moments from his arrival in Madrid, to the last look at the bullet that pierced him. An approach to the young, vibrant Lorca. Lorca the friend, Lorca the excessive. The traveller, the lover of flesh and words.

A tribute to poetry in and through life.

  • Directed by: Miguel del Arco
  • Text: Irma Correa, Nando J.López
  • Performers: Julen Alba, Oscar Albert, Ana Bokesa, Katia Borlado, Álvaro Fontalba, Xoan Forneas, Pascual Laborda, Jesús Lavi, Rosa Martí, Nono Mateos, Iñigo Santacana, Carmen Tur.
  • Stage design: Paco Azorín
  • Lighting design: Juan Gómez Cornejo
  • Music: Arnau Vila
  • Sound design: Sandra Vicente
  • Costumes: Guadalupe Valero
  • Video: Pedro Chamizo
  • Premiere: 2019. Teatros del Canal. Madrid.